Al Madar provides custom-engineered mobility solutions to its customer for heavy haul and structure.
Al Madar is having tie up with Entro – Engineering ( Entro engineering is pioneered in providing custom mechanical solutions for the need of various industries to heavy haul and structure. Headquartered in the United States and equipped with a highly technically sound team, Entro Engineering has provided services for the past 30 years to various industries. With our partnership with Entro, Al Madar provide the following solutions to its customer.

Walking system:

We supply walking systems for various industries. Walkers are custom designed for any structure. Due to its sophisticated design, it moves in any direction at any time and can change direction under load.

Heavy haul:

We provide a custom-designed heavy haul system with back-to-back support from Entro. Heavy hauls are with custom rolling gear both on and off the road. Our range of heavy haul wheel systems have capacities from 40,000 to 800,000 pounds per axle. Allowable design loads and speeds depend on the application. We can assist you in determining the design loads for your application.

Hydraulics and controls:

Whether it’s a large drill rig move or a smaller specialty project, we provide custom-designed control solutions that are specifically designed for the application.

Material handling solution:

From compact, high-capacity roller chain load skates to hydraulic lifting solutions, we supply material handling products that are built to withstand use in the most demanding applications. All of our material handling products can be customized to meet a wide variety of applications and industries.

Custom oil and gas rigs:

We can provide critical engineering design and support services for many custom drilling rigs for different markets.