We supply Oil Field equipment like wireline, pressure handling equipment, well testing equipment, early production facility (EPF), oil collection station (OCS), gas gathering station equipment (GGS), fuel gas conditioning skids (FGCS), cementing equipments and mud engineering equipment.
We provide total solutions in the services above by trying to meet complete equipment requirements.

Flow line products:

Hammer unions, high-pressure union joints & elbows, swivel joints, tees, high-pressure fittings and elbows, plug valves and flow back manifold.

Well head components:

API 5CT product, API 6A, top connector, studded blocks, spacer spools, round bull plug and ring gasket type.

Wireline Products:

Wireline blow out preventers, sucker road bop, hey pully lightweight lubricators, stuffing box, slick line riser assembly and wellhead flanged adaptors.

Well testing equipment:

Choke manifold equipment, eruption manifold equipment, oil and gas burner booms, separator for production and testing, indirect water bath heaters, surge tanks and gauge tanks.

Trailer mounted packages:

Trailer mounted well testing equipment, trailer mounted three phase separators, trailer mounted multiphase flowmeter, trailer mounted three phase separator + surge tank, trailer-mounted sand management systems, trailer-mounted flow-back package.

Early production facility:

Production separators, stabilizers, heat exchanger, pumps skids, crude metering skids, crude export pumps, heaters, flare stacks, vent stack, degassing units, slug catchers, scrubbers, and stripping columns.

Cement bulk plant equipment:

Bulk handling equipment, batch mixers, mobile bulkers, twin pod filtration unit, cementing surge tank, pump & motor skid.