We have established a partnership with Oil Energy to provide a wide range of reagents and materials for drilling fluids. Our offerings include various reagents that serve multiple purposes, such as increasing oil flow, maintaining desired rheological properties for efficient drilling operations, controlling mud density, and achieving optimal drilling performance. Our products are designed to facilitate effective cuttings transport and ensure wellbore stability, enhancing overall drilling efficiency. With our comprehensive selection of high-quality reagents and materials, we strive to meet the diverse needs of our customers in the oil and gas industry. We supply following:

Rheology Modifiers:

Are used in fresh and brine drilling fluid systems and well completion fluids. In addition, it is used as a carrier medium for drilling waste reinjection. Rheology Modifiers is a stable solution of high-quality biopolymer in mineral oil.

Microemulsion to increase oil flow:

OILBACK is a microemulsion of non-ionic surfactants, the main task of which is to reduce damage to the bottom hole zone by reducing the depth of penetration of process fluids filtrate into the reservoir during well construction.

Sealing polymer:

Product is used to stabilize the wellbore and provides mechanical sealing and clogging of channels and pores. ASoPLEX is a complex sulfonated material based on inorganic aluminum compounds.

Clay inhibitors:

Clay Inhibitors is a highly effective organic amine-type clay swelling inhibitors. Clay Inhibitors are used in the drilling process to suppress the hydration of shale, prevent cuttings from dispersing, and reduce glanding on the bottom hole assembly (BHA).


The Lubricant product is lubricating process fluid (STF) based on a mixture of fatty acids, solvents, and multifunctional additives. STJ LUBRICANT is designed to treat fresh and mineralized drilling fluids used in the drilling process in order to reduce torque and friction coefficient.


Defoamer is an anti-foaming agent designed to control mud density by preventing or reducing foaming. The action of the active substances of the No foam product contributes to the rapid destruction of the foam and the stabilization of the system.


NRG-MUL 100 is an effective primary emulsifier for oil-based drilling fluids. NRG-MUL 100 has high emulsifying power, imparts stability to the inverse emulsion at elevated temperatures, and helps to reduce Filtrate Recovery at elevated pressures and temperatures.

Wetting agent:

NRG-OWA 100 acts as a wetting agent in oil-based drilling fluids, helping to maintain favorable rheological properties when hydrophilic particles appear in the system. Due to its high adsorption activity, NRG-OWA 100 enhances the hydrocarbon wettability of barite particles and other solid phase elements.