Al Madar is a leading supplier of shelters and cabinets to projects in Abu Dhabi. We have supply arrangements with major equipment manufacturers such as Omnishelter who have world-wide experience in supplying tailor-made shelters to specific requirements. They specialize in the development, design and manufacture of shelters, cabinets and containers with various air conditioning systems such as Passive, Active and Hybrid, and the supply of all relevant accessories for communication and electrics.
Topic Details
CMS Application Fields
  • Railways & highways surveillance.
  • Public and private areas surveillance.
  • Construction sites surveillance and security.
  • Telecoms.
  • Police operation.
  • Environmental control.
  • Eity, industry and farming smart monitoring.
CMS Main Features
  • Suitable for installing a wide range of antennas (cellular, WIFI, microwave, satellite, IOT) cameras, thermometric cameras, radars, meteorological stations, and other sensors or devices.
  • Enables communications (wireless cellular, WIFI, IoT, and satellite) in areas without existing data infrastructure.
  • Real-time full control (video monitoring, alerts, .. ) through wireless communication solutions.
  • Entirely powered by the solar system and equipped with a battery back-up system for the long time period.
  • Easily installable without construction work for the foundation and electrical connections.
  • Quickly deployable in less than 30 minutes.
  • Designed according to international standard to operate in all kinds of environment.
  • Corrosion-free.
  • Customizable according to client needs.
  • Easily transportable compact trailer solution for road transport suitable for pulling by SUVs/small trucks. Alternatively, a compact platform solution is easily handle able by using small trucks.
CMS Main Components
  • Self-mounting telescopic aluminum pole operable at different heights to suit any specific needs. Pole max height to be arranged according to the applications.
  • Aluminum thermally insulated cabinet for the installation of equipment, power system, batteries, and other accessories used in different applications.
  • Wide range of cabinet cooling systems (natural or forced ventilation, air conditioning, and passive cooling).
  • Electrical and alarm systems.
  • Logic control system unit for remote station management.
  • Foldable PV solar system, charge controller, battery charger, and batteries ( AGM, gel, or lithium type).
  • Integrated stabilizers and adjustable plinths.
  • 19” racks for equipment and other minors accessories.