Al Madar has a highly experienced team from managers to technicians with wireline cable repair experience more than 12 years of experience in the UAE. ALMADAR established a state-of-the-art facility. We adhere to top companies for Wireline Cables Procedure & Standards supported with up to date measuring equipment ONLY in ALMADAR CABLE REPAIR FACILITY. Our facility is equipped with a highly skilled technical team and cutting-edge technology and machinery. Our objective is to deliver exceptional service, and we offer round-the-clock technical support in direct collaboration with the manufacturer. Services offered under wireline solutions are:

Cable spooling & conditioning:

  • Pay off/take up (twister)
  • Mobile drum spooler
  • 36″ Capestone
  • 24″ Capestone
  • Cable brushing system
  • Post-former

    Cable magnetic marking, depth tracking & XY caliber:

  • Benchmark Magnetic Marker & Coil eraser
  • Benchmark Measuring heads
  • Benchmark’s Warrior panel
  • Benchmark Magnetic Marking & Erasing
  • Digital g2 Laser XY Caliber

    Cable inspection, repair, and splice